Find Corresponding Node

Find Corresponding Node (DOM API) [Medium, Meta, Video]

Given two trees with identical structures, but with different text content, and a node in the first tree, write a function that finds the corresponding node in the second tree.

This code defines a function called correspondingNode that takes in three arguments: two DOM trees (tree1 and tree2) and a node (node1) from the first tree. The function finds the corresponding node in the second tree that matches the node from the first tree and returns it.

The function uses two stacks (stack1 and stack2) to traverse the trees. It starts by pushing the first tree onto stack1 and the second tree onto stack2. Then, it enters a while loop that continues as long as stack1 is not empty. In each iteration, the function pops the top node from stack1 and stack2, and checks if it matches the target node. If it does, the function returns the corresponding node from tree2. If not, the function pushes all the children of the current nodes onto stack1 and stack2.

The code also defines three variables, tree1, tree2, and target, which represent the root nodes of the two DOM trees and the target node to find the corresponding node for. It then logs the text content of the corresponding node in the console.

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