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“Joining this community was a so helpful in my job search. Because of frontendlead detailed guide on frontend interview questions, I was able to get over 6 offers from top companies, including Tiktok, Snowflake, and Amazon.”

Raj P.
Frontend Engineer at Amazon, Palo Alto, CA

“This platform is an incredible resource for anyone preparing for frontend interviews. The focus on JavaScript and React, along with system design questions, make it an indispensable resource.”

Sarah J.
Software Engineer at Apple, Austin, TX

“Can't thank this site enough! After getting laid from Uber, the interviews more challenging than I have ever experienced, focusing heavily on frontend skills rather than just algorithms. It was instrumental in my landing a role at Google, making every penny spent here worthwhile.”

Peter M.
Senior Engineer at Google, New York, NY
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At FrontendLead, our goal is to empower you to grow and secure your ideal role. We boast a substantial collection of interview materials for a multitude of companies. Over recent years, our users have successfully secured positions at leading companies globally.